FAQs & Policies

How long is your processing times?

- Each releases processing time is displayed on our top banner on our main page.

Can I cancel my order?

- No. All our products are handmade from scratch with a lot of time and care. Please be sure of your order and time by which you may need it prior to ordering.

Can I return my order?

Damaged or wrong  product?
Please photograph all damage including packaging and email it to us so we can help you asap!  If you received a wrong product, please send a photo of the
products received and include a photo of your signed packing slip as well.  Due to high fraudulent issues, detailed photo evidence is a requirement.

Returns/ Exchanges:
All products are made with new and fresh ingredients and go through several inspections before being packaged and shipped. Please note that we do our best to create products that smell as close as possible to the real thing, however, we understand each human is different and may interpret smells differently. Each individuals Ph level and body chemistry also affects the performance of each scent on the skin. If any product or perfume was not your cup of tea and you are
unsatisfied with the product, you can send it back for a refund. The product must remain in new and pristine condition, we will not refund used products. To begin your return please email us at: hellothere@sugarmilkco.com within 5 days of receiving your order with the title “Return Info.” Be sure to include your name, order number and the products you will be returning in the description. We will email you the information to begin your return. Please note that return postage is paid by the buyer.

Missing Mail "My shipment is marked as delivered, but was not delivered!"

- Unfortunately, this is an issue directly with the USPS. We advise customers to get into contact directly with their local USPS office and file a claim, as this is a mis-delivery by the USPS or stolen property. The USPS is now requiring evidence and/or information from the customer to submit a claim, as they want the details of the claim. Claims filed on the senders behalf are unfortunately being rejected due to a high amount of fraudulent claims being made. Sometimes packages are left with neighbors, and mis-delivered packages usually do get returned to the USPS. Also, carriers are equipped with GPS scanners which they can look over to make sure the package was delivered to the correct address.

I purchased a Sugar Milk Co. product from another retailer and have an issue...

- If you purchased one of our products from another retailer and not directly from sugarmilkco.com and have an issue, please refer back to the retailer where the product was purchased, we cannot exchange, replace or refund purchases made from a third party.

Where do you ship from?

- We ship out all our orders from Pharr TX, USA.

Do you ship worldwide? Important info. for International Buyers!

- Yes, we love international customers! However, we ask that all international buyers know about any extra customs fees that may need to be paid on their behalf as well as prohibited products in their country, as we are not responsible for any such issues :(

If any issues arise, please contact your local postal service, as we can no longer be of help once shipments are under the hands of the postal service.

How much is International shipping?

 - This depends on different factors including the country you're ordering to and the products being ordered which makeup the weight and size of your shipment. To calculate international shipping to your country, add the products you wish to purchase to your cart, add your address and the system will calculate your shipping price before completing your order.

How long does it take to receive my order?

- Once your order is shipped, you should receive a notification along with your tracking number. All orders are shipped through USPS or UPS if internationally. Orders within the USA should take anywhere from 2-7 days to arrive, holiday shipping times may vary, check USPS for more details.

International orders should take anywhere from 14-30 days, holiday shipping times may vary, check USPS for more details.

How do I collect Sugar Points?

- Sugar points are automatically counted through the sugar point portal. You must be signed in every time you place an order in order for your sugar points to be counted as we cannot do this manually. To sign in, press on the yellow icon on the left side of the page that reads "Rewards".

Can I combine coupon codes?

- Only free shipping discounts can be combined with codes and will be automatically added to checkout. Coupon codes cannot be combined.

Are all your products Vegan?

- All Sugar Milk Co. branded products are 100% Vegan :)

My perfume mister stopped working, help!

-Please remember that all our perfumes are Perfume Oils, which means they do not contain any alcohol and are made with a thicker formula. At times the formula may cause clogging in the suction straw attached to the mister. Simply, open your perfume and detach the straw, then re-attach it back to the mister and close it back up, give it a few sprays and it should work perfectly again.

My product does not smell like described!

-We do our best to provide scents that smell exactly or pretty close as the real thing, unfortunately though, we cannot put a coconut cake in the blender and use it to make a coconut cake fragrance directly from the source. All our scents are synthetic and safe for body use. There will always be someone who will interpret scents differently, just like we do with taste, not to mention that your body chemistry also plays a huge role in how it interprets a scents, no one size fits all, but we do our best to get as close to the real thing as possible.

Reviews and PR?

- Thank you so much for your interest in reviewing our products <3 At the moment we aren't looking for any PR or Marketing, as we are a very small and handmade company, we unfortunately cannot give away too many products for reviews :(